New design, new integrations and new functionalities in "My space"

The latest version of El meu espai, the inter-administrative personal space that offers citizens greater control over their relationship with the administration, incorporates functional and corrective improvements to the inter-administrative citizen folder that the AOC offers in collaboration with the Network of Transparent Governments of Catalonia.

Below, we detail the main novelties:

New design and new logo

In the new version, the latest graphic design has been incorporated, modifying for example the header, body and footer of the page. Also, a new logo has been created aligned with the rest of the AOC Consortium's services.

New integrations with other AOC services

The integration with eFact has been carried out to show the invoices presented as well as their details and their status, with date.

Fr. viewed from My Space

New website of the service

A new web page of the service has been published where you will find all the information as well as the main features, integrated services and help to request the same.

You can access through the following image:

More visual information about the status of communications

A more intuitive display has been incorporated from the list of communications about their status. Currently, the detail can be seen and also identified by the color of the text that informs it.

Improvements in terms of accessibility and inclusive language

Improvement work has been carried out in terms of accessibility and the language of the service has been revised to make it more inclusive.

Development of the new Citizen Folders Hub

The Ministry of Territorial Policy approved theOrder TER/836/2022, of August 29, which approves the regulatory bases and the 2022 call for subsidies for the digital transformation and modernization of the administrations of local entities, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed with European Next Generation funds.

As a result, the receiving bodies undertake to provide data to facilitate the provision of services.

The AOC citizen folder hub (MyGov) integrates the procedures and electronic notifications made with e-TRAM and e-Notum and also with the AGE's "My citizen folder"*. With this integration you don't need to do anything else. You can check the AOC (MyGov) Folder Hub Integration Documentation.

Within Strategic Line 5 of the funds, Interoperability of basic digital administration services, it is possible to finance the integration of the entity's own citizen portfolio with the AOC folder hub.

*Note: Currently, the integration with the AGE has a technical impact. We are in contact with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to resolve it.

You can find information regarding AOC services and the European Next Generation fund in the post AOC services in relation to the call for Next Generation grants for medium-sized municipalities and provincial councils.

Improvement in the display of public entities that display information in My Space

Restructuring of the My rights section

Improvements have been made to the My rights section, incorporating an audiovisual, improving the texts and creating a section of its own.

Improved social recommender

The social recommender has been evolved to reduce waiting time and improve usability.

Other revisions and minor bug fixes

Other minor issues related to usability have been revised and other fixes detected.