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The use of the information contained in this website implies acceptance and consent in the terms and conditions that are detailed in this legal notice.

Ownership and liability regime of the website

The person responsible for this web page is the Consorci Administración Oberta de Catalunya, (AOC Consortium), with Tax Identification Number Q0801175A, and located at Tangier Street, no. 98, (ground floor) 08018 (tel. 93 272 25 00 and fax. 93 272 40 48).

Everyone who accesses this website assumes the role of user, committing themselves to the observance and strict compliance with the provisions herein, as well as any other legal provision that may apply.

The AOC Consortium has the right to modify the information that appears on this web page, without the obligation to give notice or to inform users of the new obligations - with the exception of the commitments made under specific agreements - being understood as enough its publication on the website.

The information and contents related to the action and functions of the AOC Consortium, which are included in this website, are subject to the following forecasts:

Responsibility in relation to the contents

The AOC Consortium works to ensure that the information, contents and services offered or disseminated on this website sufficiently fulfill the necessary integrity, truthfulness, updating, accessibility and usability. For this purpose, the date of updating of each of the contents indicated in each case must be taken into account.

The website offers information, advice, guides and other content prepared by the AOC Consortium for the purpose of dissemination, information, awareness and in certain cases the provision of specific electronic administration services. The user is informed that, despite being prepared with the highest possible quality, all these contents cannot at any time involve specific technological and / or legal advice or be considered as actions aimed at solving problems specific. In any case, the AOC Consortium reserves the right to modify, delete, develop or update them unilaterally without prior notification and without assuming any responsibility.

Automated Translations:

The AOC Consortium offers machine translation into other languages ​​than Catalan of the contents of its website in order to make it easier for citizens to understand the text in their own language.

However, automatically translated articles may contain material errors that the AOC Consortium is not responsible for. At present, the AOC Consortium only guarantees the accuracy of the contents in the Catalan language.

References and links to websites of other organizations

The AOC Consortium's website contains references or links to third party websites ("links"), most of which are on the Internet pages of other public administrations, which have been considered of interest by users.

In the event that the website is abandoned, the AOC Consortium assumes no liability for the connection or the content of the third-party links. However, links to other pages are periodically reviewed to avoid the inclusion of links that do not comply with data protection regulations, as well as other current regulations. In this sense, the Consortium declares that if any content that is found to be in contravention of national or international law, or public order, is detected, the link will be removed immediately, informing the competent authority.

The AOC Consortium is not responsible for the information and contents stored, for example but not limited to, in forums, blogs, comments on social networks, or any other means of the AOC Consortium that allows third parties to publish content independently. However, in accordance with article 11 and 16 of the LSSICE, it is made available to all users, authorities and security forces, to actively collaborate in the removal or, where appropriate, blocking all those contents that could affect or contravene national or international law, third party rights or morality and public order. In the event that any user considers that there is any content on the website that may be susceptible to the previous classification, it is requested that he notify the administrator of the web page immediately by email.

Reproduction of own contents

The AOC Consortium facilitates the free and free consultation of the information contained on the website and authorizes the total or partial reproduction of its contents, provided that the aforementioned contents are preserved in full, the source and the date on which it has been cited made the copy, do not manipulate, alter or alter the contents and is not used directly for commercial purposes (Law 37/2007, of November 16, on the reuse of public sector information).

The AOC Consortium authorizes the free download of the manuals, forms, programs and informative publications that are included in its web, for the purposes of its reproduction and distribution, unless expressly stated otherwise.

However, in certain cases, the AOC Consortium may explicitly state that express authorization is required. Likewise, re-use may be limited by the protection of other priority legal assets, such as the protection of personal data, privacy or third-party intellectual protection rights.

Intellectual property

The domain of this website is the property of the AOC Consortium, as well as the intellectual property rights, its design and the codes it contains, unless otherwise stated.

The use of distinctive brands or logos, logos and symbols of any nature owned by the AOC Consortium, in any publications and websites that are not of the entities that are participating or sponsored by this Consortium, is not authorized under any circumstances knowledge and the corresponding authorization of the AOC Consortium.

The AOC Consortium will not assume any liability derived from the use by third parties of the content of this website and may exercise all civil or criminal actions that correspond to it in case of infringement of these rights by the user .

Use of Cookies

This information is contained in the Cookies Policy of the AOC Consortium.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The law applicable in the event of a dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms in accordance with this Legal Notice, as well as any aspect related to the services of this website, will be Spanish law.

The possible conflicts regarding this website will be governed exclusively by Spanish law, with the courts of Barcelona being the only competent. Every user of the website, regardless of the territorial jurisdiction from which their access occurs, accepts the fulfillment and respect of this clause with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond.

If any part or clause of these Conditions is declared null or void by a court decision, the remaining stipulations will remain valid.

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