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Savings and efficiency

Reduce the costs of administrative processes in your public body

Greater citizen satisfaction

Avoid journeys and waste of time for citizens in their efforts

Transparency and confidence

Offer more transparent administration to citizens and businesses

L'Agència @ciberseguracat va presentar el “Model de ciberseguretat per a les administracions locals” a Tarragona. La @ArderiuMarta del @ConsorciAOC va exposar què pot aportar l’AOC a través dels serveis que s'ofereixen al món local.

The round table is underway 'How should digitization promote the relationship between the administration and social entities?' with @ascenmoro from @ajsantfeliu @NuriaEspuny from @gentcatdigital and @AstridDesset from @ConsorciAOC to learn about the digitization actions of the administrations

Excellent knowledge exchange day between professionals and institutions that work with #OpenData organized by @diba @dipca @GobAragon
@FerranFarriol spoke on behalf of the @ConsorciAOC
We will share a summary shortly! #EncuentroDatosAbiertos2022

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We put at your disposal all the knowledge: training, guides, regulations, etc.


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Digital maturity index 2021

With this methodology we measure the degree of digital maturity of your local administration. Provide rigorous information to know your situation, your strengths and areas for improvement. And, in addition, you will be able to compare yourself with other similar administrations or with those that lead the digital transformation.

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