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About satisfaction Of the users of the
digital services
they are satisfied
or very satisfied
About this increase Of procedures of the
town halls are made
Consult the 2020 Balance Sheet Savings euros
annual thanks to the
AOC services
+ 498M
Degraded Consult the recognized administrations 2020 Open Administration Awards Jaume Magre
To say. of the Carles Pi i Sunyer Foundation
"Quan analitzem els avenços dels municipis espanyols envers els catalans és una comparació impossible, perquè l'AOC està pel mig.

We are very lucky to have the AOC: it is a very important instrument "
# FemPaísDigital
Check out the conference materials Digital Government Congress
We are on our way to a digital country
New scenarios.
New opportunities.

Towards a digital model where everything is a plus

Savings and efficiency

Reduce the costs of administrative processes in your public body

Greater citizen satisfaction

Avoid journeys and waste of time for citizens in their efforts

Transparency and confidence

Offer more transparent administration to citizens and businesses

Last Friday, November 26, in the framework of the CNIS congress, I had the opportunity to participate in the round table on Experiences and the implementation and use of Cloud Services sponsored by the FEMP. @ConsorciAOC

You can now relive the # CongrésGovernDigital2021!

How? With # Artificial intelligence applied to the videos and presentations of # CGD2021

Do it now!
#governDigital # paísDigital #IA

Rubèn Cortès is today at # cnis2021 to present that the services and architectures in the cloud have made it possible to improve the levels of #quality of the @ConsorciAOC services provided to the Generalitat and the Catalan city councils

#scalability #currencies #availability #security

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How do we help you transform your being?

We offer tools that, together with the necessary methodology and support, make it possible to achieve a digital government

Change management

We put at your disposal all the knowledge: training, guides, regulations, etc.


We have tools to manage part of the administrative process of your entity


Our team will do our best to resolve your issues

Digital maturity index 2020

With this methodology we measure the degree of digital maturity of your local administration. Provide rigorous information to know your situation, your strengths and areas for improvement. And, in addition, you will be able to compare yourself with other similar administrations or with those that lead the digital transformation.

You have doubts or questions

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