Access the information of other administrations and you do not have to ask for more papers from the citizen

Six arms man with documents

The data and information highway that guarantees e-Administration

List of data with an info icon

More efficiency and competitiveness

The Administration has the necessary information to process your procedures

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Compliance with regulations

Complies with Law 39/2015 (art. 28.2) and Law 26/2010 (art. 25.4)

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Saving and respecting the environment

Avoid making citizens the data carrier


they use it


queries made


savings in the country



It offers legal, organizational, technical and system security

It facilitates access

A single application form for all services


Connect your entity with the systems of the transferor agencies

Submit in batches

Multiple one-time requests and a synchronous or delayed response


Documents with a standard display style and electronically signed

Plurality of data

AGE, Government of Catalonia, Local administration, professional colleges


It complies with the principle of proportionality. You will only request the required data


We will review the documentation and advise you if you need it


It retains the data of any query made

We accompany you in this digital leap

Digital transformation is inevitable, but we know that it is not easy to throw yourself into the void. That is why from the AOC, we will always support you to make the most of this leap and enjoy together


Courses, events and training that will help you in starting up the service

Method and best practices

Do not force the citizen to move to the Post Office because the postman has not found him at home

Support center

Continuous support from the AOC in order to make the leap together. If you need it, we will be there to help

Inseparable company of Via Oberta

You will get more out of Via Oberta if you complement it with the following service

EACAT logo

Inter-administrative processing

It is the gateway to Via Oberta

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Digital certification by
to the administration

The public employee accredits his or her identity with the T-CAT when the consultation is done by EACAT

Logo Save it

Processing of contract files

To retrieve batch data queries

Ready to make the jump?

Transforming the Administration needs the courage to take a step forward. Cheer up and launch, we guarantee a 100% safe landing.

* See the Conditions of provision of this service

We connect

The selection of the current Open Administration in your bin.

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