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We are moving towards a digital country

Each year, the AOC awards Open Administration Recognitions to leading administrations in digital transformation based on the methodology of the Digital Maturity Index

# FemPaísDigital

Why is this recognition necessary?

To highlight the excellent work of the local administrations that lead the digital transformation in Catalonia and learn from the best experiences to jointly promote a digital and open country.

The Digital Maturity Index: an innovative initiative

Assessing the degree of maturity of digital transformation of the local bodies of a territory is an innovative and unique initiative, both nationally and internationally. We analyze the main indicators of digital and open governments, and we do so only on the basis of objective data.

How do we measure?

We evaluate with rigor

We are based on our own methodology that rigorously analyzes more than 30 objective indicators from 947 town councils and 42 county councils. We analyze the main indicators of digital and open governments, and we do so only on the basis of quality and contrastable data.

Open process

The methodology has been co-designed with public management experts. The collected indicators are published openly and shared in advance with local administrations to make amendments and ensure the quality of information.

Where do we get the data from?

The sources of information are the analysis of the websites, the activity associated with the AOC services, and the information provided by the local bodies themselves and application providers that is contrasted. In the field of Transparency we have used the open data of the Map Infoparticipa (UAB).

Digital maturity index 2021

With this methodology we measure the degree of digital maturity of your local administration. Provide rigorous information to know your situation, your strengths and areas for improvement. And, in addition, you will be able to compare yourself with other similar administrations or with those that lead the digital transformation.


We give the awards to the first 10 town councils and the first two county councils in each category

City councils

Up to 500 hab.
  1. Molló
  2. Homemade
  3. Borreda
From 5.001 to 20.000 hab.

1. Parets del Vallès
2. Llinars del Vallès
3. Roses
3. Arenys de Munt
3. The Lobster

From 501 to 1.000 hab.

1. Vilalba dels Arcs
2. Molins Bridge
3. Sant Jaume de Llierca
3. Vilanova d'Escornalbou

From 20.001 to 50.000 hab.

1. Hello
2. Manlleu
2. Olesa de Montserrat
3. Sant Feliu de Llobregat

From 1.001 to 5.000 hab.
  1. The Morell
  2. Disgust
  3. Palau-saverdera
More than 50.000 inhabitants.

1. Girona
2. Lleida
2. Terrace
3. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
3. Sant Cugat del Vallès
3. El Prat de Llobregat

County Councils

Up to 20.000 hab.

1. Priory
2. Alt Camp
2. Pallars Jussà

From 20.001 to 50.000 hab.

1. Berguedà
2. Montsià

More than 50.000 inhabitants.

1. Gironès
2. Tarragona