Electronic notifications

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Save € 6 for every notification you stop sending on paper

Digital notification is fast, convenient and free

Faster resolutions

Shorten the resolution time of procedures by 10 days on average

Avoid annoying citizens

Do not force the citizen to travel by post because the postman has not found it at home

Cost € 0

It will not cost you a euro. It just demands on your part, a necessary change management


they use it for us


notifications made


savings in the country



You can add the shield of your entity to the screens where the citizen accesses


At the end of the day, you can receive a report with notifications that have changed their status

Recipient's agenda

You can save the recipients of the most common notifications in the recipient calendar

Accessible from mobile

Notifications can be viewed from your mobile device


You can connect your systems, like your records manager, with web services


The deposit and access to the notification is credited with the electronic evidence generated by the service

We accompany you in this digital leap

Digital transformation is inevitable, but we know that it is not at all easy to throw yourself into a vacuum. That is why, from the AOC, we will be by your side at all times to make the most of this jump and enjoy it together


Courses, tutorials and seminars that will help you to start the service

Method and best practices

Do not force the citizen to travel to the Post Office because the postman has not found it at home

Support center

Continuous support from the AOC in order to make the leap together. If you need it, we will be there to help you

Inseparable companions of e-NOTUM

You will get more out of e-NOTUM if you complement it with the following services

Integration of identity services

The perfect complement to access electronic notifications

Ready to make the jump?

Transforming the Administration needs brave people to take a step forward. Cheer up and throw yourself, we guarantee you a 100% safe landing.

* See the Conditions of provision of this service