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It provides citizens with an integrated and inter-administrative vision of their actions

The inter-administrative personal space offers citizens:

Control of all your management

Make it easy for citizens to know the status of their procedures and procedures with the Administration in a simple way

Convenience, all from one place

Simplify and integrate citizen actions in an inter-administrative view from your e-headquarters

Transparency with your data

Disposition of personal data and control of its use by the Administration


Cost 0

It won't cost you even 1 euro thanks to the Transparent Governments Network. It only requires a necessary change management on the part of your organization

Procedures and personal actions

It allows an inter-administrative view of records, registrations, invoices, resources and all those activities relating to the relationship between citizens and the administration

Access to personal data

Citizens can access their personal data independently

Vision andnteradministrativa

It has an inter-administrative, unified, cloud-based and constantly updated vision with the support of the AOC

Always up to date

It allows to have common developments and improvements for the whole territory given that it is a country and comprehensive solution

Adapted to mobiles

Developed with technology that adapts to facilitate access with mobile devices

Easy and in the cloud

It allows to integrate the information and the own systems of each being through the Hub of Citizen Folders


It allows people to be informed of new developments in their records, procedures, actions, identifications, notifications, etc... and to receive them in their email


Integrated with your system, with the General Access Point and with the VÀLid, e-NOTUM, e-TRAM, e-FACT and ViaOberta services of the AOC, among others

We accompany you in this digital leap

Digital transformation is inevitable, but we know that it is not at all easy to throw yourself into a vacuum. That is why, from the AOC, we will be by your side at all times to make the most of this jump and enjoy it together


Courses, tutorials and seminars that will help you to start the service

Method and best practices

Do not force the citizen to travel to the Post Office because the postman has not found it at home

Support center

Continuous support from the AOC in order to make the leap together. If you need it, we will be there to help you

Inseparable companions of My space

You will get more profit thanks to its integration with the following services

Electronic notifications

Digital notification is fast, convenient and free

The point of entry for invoices from the Catalan public sector

Electronic invoicing is fast, convenient and free

Processing with citizens and companies

Identifies its users using the VALID service

Integration of identity services

Easily use your Decidim Catalunya certificates thanks to VALID

ViaOberta logo

Exchange of data between administrations

To validate the registration and be able to participate in processes for people with this requirement

Ready to make the jump?

Transforming the Administration needs brave people to take a step forward. Cheer up and throw yourself, we guarantee you a 100% safe landing.

* See the Conditions of provision of this service