Processing with citizens and companies

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Electronic procedures aimed at citizens: from e-TRAM 1.0 to e-TRAM 2.O

Electronic procedures save time and money

Save time

Reduce the resolution time of your procedures by an average of 10 days

Avoid annoying citizens

Do not force the citizens to move to your body

Cost € 0

It won't cost you even 1 euro. It only requires necessary change management from your body



It includes a catalog of formalities for the citizen and includes functionalities like the validation of certificates and the check-in and check-out.


Citizens can submit their applications 24 hours a day, every day of the year

Always informed

Citizens can check the status of their process at all times and receive alerts via SMS and e-mail


It uses different types of authentication such as idCAT, Mobile idCAT, DNI-e, etc.


Reuse corporate AOC modules such as Digital Certificate Validator, I / O Registration,

100% online,

It promotes digitalisation at source and the electronic relationship with the citizen


they use it for us


formalities carried out


savings in the country

We accompany you in this digital leap

Digital transformation is inevitable, but we know that it is not at all easy to throw yourself into a vacuum. That is why, from the AOC, we will be by your side at all times to make the most of this jump and enjoy it together


Courses, tutorials and seminars that will help you to start the service

Method and best practices

Do not force the citizen to travel to the Post Office because the postman has not found it at home

Support center

Continuous support from the AOC in order to make the leap together. If you need it, we will be there to help you

Inseparable companions of the e-TRAM

You will get more out of e-TRAM if you complement it with the following services

Integration of identity services

Easily use your e-TRAM certificates with Valid

Ready to make the jump?

Transforming the Administration needs brave people to take a step forward. Cheer up and throw yourself, we guarantee you a 100% safe landing.

* See the Conditions of provision of this service