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Seo-e, Transparency and open data

Electronic invoice of public administrations

Management of social services

Electronic notifications

logos-50px-viaoberta Exchange of data between administrations

Public Procurement Services Platform

Digital certificates for administrations

Procedures online

IdCAT registration entities

Inter-administrative processing

Portal to support integrators

50 Legal Shadows: Digital Administration Guide

Relations with the public and business

e-NOTUM - electronic notification

e.FACT - electronic invoice

e-TRAM - Online procedures

It represents - representation manager

WAS Local - for the processing of business activities

Digital identity and electronic signature

VALID - Integrator of digital identity services in Catalonia

Subject holders - management of document signing processes

T-CAT - digital certificates for administrations

Registration entities T-CAT - certification services by the administrations

Register entities idCAT - idCAT registration entities

Subject holders - management of document signing processes

Centralized signer - centralized administrative actions

Validator - Validator of electronic signatures and certificates

Signature applet - electronic signature tool for web environments

PSA - Advanced Signature Platform

Time stamp - reliable and reliable timestamp

Transparency and open government

TRANSPARENCY - adaptation to the Law of Transparency

e-BOARD - electronic bulletin board

Accompanying digital transformation

e-SET - the working method for digitizing internal management

Training - training activities of the AOC services


PSCP - Public Procurement Services platform

e-Bid - electronic bidding

e-Auction - electronic auction

Public record of contracts - registration of contracts

Relationship between administrations

e-bag - electronic bag

Via Abierta - data exchange between administrations

EACAT Formalities - inter-administrative processing

Home communication - communication of residence data

Social services

HESIA - management of social services

Document management

SAVE IT - repository of files / documents in process

iArchive - preservation and electronic file


YOU ARE - check-in and check-out

COPY - authentic copies

Unified Registry (MUX) - integrated register of AOC services

Electronic invoice of companies

Digital Certificate for Citizens

Electronic notification for citizens

Identification of users with disposable code

Online procedures for citizenship

Presentation of bids by companies

Cuts and maintenance

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The news of the services

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