Collection of criteria and guidelines for public procurement

Photo by Jens Johnsson from Pexels

The provisions approved in recent days to mitigate the effects of the health crisis include urgent measures in the field of public procurement. It is probable that some doubts have been generated regarding the correct application of these forecasts, since the casuistry they contemplate is complex:

  • Is it applicable to the interruption of administrative deadlines in procurement files?
  • What are the legal effects associated with the suspension of files of works, services and supplies of successive provision, the continuity of which is impossible due to COVID-19?
  • Can the terms be extended or contracts that are not of successive provision be extended?
  • In which cases should contractors be compensated? How?
  • When should emergency processing be used?

In case they help you answer these and other questions related to public procurement during the state of alarm, the AOC summarizes some of the Instructions and Notes of which it is aware:

You will also find information on the application of these aspects to the technical operation of the Public Procurement Services Platform throughthis link.