The AOC is preparing a new eNOTUM citizenship portal

The AOC Consortium is finalizing preparations for the launch of a new eNOTUM citizenship portal that it has been preparing for the past few months. This new portal is part of the creation of a new one Design system for all AOC services offered to citizens and businesses through different user organizations and has been working on the redesign of different services: Electronic Headquarters, idCAT, Decidim, Representa and eNotum, among others. Likewise, not only has work been done on this new design system, but progress has also been made in defining a homogeneous tone of voice and in other aspects related to the language that must be used in citizen relations. public administration.

The eNOTUM service has been in production for more than 12 years and its version of the citizenship portal, where citizens and companies can consult notifications, had been incorporating small changes and improvements, adapting to the needs and requests of users. Now, however, a comprehensive review of the portal has been carried out to make it more usable and accessible, with a design, structuring and nomenclature focused on citizenship and with a major improvement such as the transition towards a single portal. In this way, eNOTUM goes from having a notification mailbox for each user of the service to a single mailbox, where people, once logged in, will find all the notifications that any issuing entity, user of eNOTUM, have arrived

The new portal, among others, will incorporate the following improvements:

  • More user-friendly and usable state nomenclature (removal of practiced and rejected)
  • Revise legal texts to adapt them to a plainer language
  • Highlight metadata that provides more information to lists and emails (less is more)
  • Filters considered more useful by citizens
  • Integration with Representa
  • Integration companies aggregating notifications via API
  • Allow processing attended

How did we work?

For the review and design of the portal, we have used a Design Thinking methodology, in which we have actively participated all the staff of the AOC Consortium with implications/relationships with the eNOTUM service (service team, legal advice, support team, 'user experience, among others) and also external staff (support companies for user experience, accessibility and layout and users of the service)

So, broadly speaking, the following tasks have been carried out:

  • User behavior analysis (behavior tracking + web analytics) to detect problems and bottlenecks
  • Collection of user ideas:
    • portal
    • service satisfaction surveys
    • incidents and inquiries (User Service Center)
  • Interviews and tests with users in different phases of the process
  • Gathering feedback (meetings with service users)

You can obtain more detailed information on the working methodology and its context at:

Want to see how it looks and give us your feedback?

All these tasks have resulted in the realization of a prototype of what the new eNOTUM citizenship portal would be. We share it with you so that you can take a look and send us yours comments and proposals .

You can browse the prototype and see how the new portal will work and send us your comments and proposals through the > laboratories channel, indicating the category "eNOTUM". Thank you for your cooperation!