The law of 25/2013, of 27 September of impulse of the electronic invoice and creation of the accounting register of invoices, establishes that all the providers of goods and services will be able to issue electronic invoice to the Public Administrations from the 15 / January / 2015, being mandatory for certain subjects, as well as their presentation through the corresponding entry point. To this end, Government Agreement 151/2014, of 11 November, declared the e.FACT service, the General Entry Point for Electronic Invoices in Catalonia (PGEf).

In order to dynamize the correct use of the General Invoice Entry Point, the management of the quality of the service and to comply with Law 25/2013, of 27 December, on the Promotion of Electronic Invoicing, carry out the analysis of the invoices received during 2020, specifically on:

  • 3.657.864 invoice records from 3.675 entities
  • 26.732.131 invoice status records

The analysis carried out has taken into account the scope of action of the entities

  • 3.102 entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • 1.560 entities of local administrations
  • 8 universities
  • 45 entities, mainly mutual, affiliated to FACE

As well as the nature of the administrative record

  • 3.530 entities with delegated registration (Registration via MUX)
  • 162 entities without delegated registration (Informs us of the registration in eFACT)

Over the next few weeks we will keep you informed of the results and conclusions of the analysis carried out.