New features in the Digital Envelope tool

On the afternoon of Wednesday 08/05/2019 a new version of the Public Procurement Services Platform was published. A series of improvements are incorporated in this that affect the operation of the tool of presentation of offers, On Digital. All of them are detailed in the document attached to this publication.

The following are the most relevant news:

  • Automatic process for requesting keywords from companies

A new process is being added to request the submission of keywords to the bidding companies that have submitted their offer to Sobre Digital. This process will be performed automatically 24 hours after the deadline for submission of bids.

Therefore, for the files published as of 09/05/2019 already no action is required to request your keywords to the bidding companies.

The tenders that were published in the contractor profile prior to the application of this improvement, continue to have the usual operation. For these, it will be necessary to perform the keyword demand action on the companies manually.

  • Improvements in the traceability of bids

All traces of them are made available to the organs and months of contract companies that have begun the process of submitting bids but have not yet submitted them. This traceability will allow the contracting body and / or table to have the necessary information to be able to make independent decisions regarding these offers. You can find this new feature in the Envelope Opening Tool, in the section Documentation> Trace Reports.

Download (PDF, 2.71MB)