La T-CAT P is the personal certificate of identification and advanced signature with optional charge. It is a recognized certificate that identifies, in addition to the person who owns it, its subscribing organization, and may include a statement regarding the position of the key holder. It is intended for public workers or public employees in the Catalan public sector.

It is an authentication tool that generates advanced signature, given that it is delivered in appointments, so it can be installed on different media: computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

So the T-CAT P is the certificate you can have installed on as many computers or mobile devices as you need, with the comfort that this entails. Unlike the T-CAT on a card, using the T-CAT P is even simpler and faster. To use it, you don't need to install any software specific or use one card reader, and also, you can use it in most procedures (there are very few procedures that require a qualified signature.)

Therefore, if the actions you carry out with your T-CAT do not require a qualified signature (the one made by the T-CAT card), when the expiry date of the T-CAT approaches, take advantage and switch to the T-CAT P and check its facilities first hand.

You will find all the information about it at T-CAT support portal.