Have you made the adjustments for consumption of personal income tax 2020 and 2021?

Errors in the integrated consumption of IRPF 2020 in case of not having made the necessary adaptations

The AEAT has applied the adaptations in the Web Services for the year 2020, which affect all administrations that consume these services in an integrated way, as we communicated in this post https://www.aoc.cat/blog/2022/nous-desenvolupaments-en-la-integracio-dels-serveis-web-irpf-2020-i-2021/

In the event that your company has not made the adaptation to consider the specific namespace for this year, it is very likely that the queries in an integrated way for the year 2020 will return an error, and that you can only consume the data from this exercise using EACAT screens, until you have adapted to the new requirements.

Availability of data for the year 2021

The AOC Consortium is working on making the 2021 Income services available and on the modalities calculated for this year. It is expected to communicate the availability of data for the year 2021 during the first fortnight of July. It is currently working on the validation of these services, and it is recommended not to make any consumption until the availability of the data for this year has been officially published.

Adaptations fiscal year 2021: New Data Scheme and own namespace

For those who consume these services in an integrated way, we remind you that for the year 2021 a different data schema will be used with the namespace of its year. In this sense, the XSD to be used to validate the responses for the year 2021 is not the same as that used for the year 2020, but depending on the year requested, the answers must be validated with one XSD file or another.

Integration documentation

All the necessary documentation to make these adaptations is available at  https://github.com/ConsorciAOC/VO-AEAT

This documentation may be subject to modifications introduced by the AEAT. In any case, a new publication will be made warning of changes.

We would like to remind you that, as of the 2020 financial year, the Personal Income Tax Web service is based on a specific dictionary for each financial year, with all the boxes and their descriptions published in:

Income Dictionary 2020


Income Dictionary 2021