New version of the RPC Webservices

The AOC Consortium integration gateway that allows data to be reported to the Public Registry of Contracts through third-party systems, has been adapted, during this week, to the new fields incorporated by the Department of Economy in the new version of the Webservices of the service.

These changes consist of leaving as obsolete two data that do not need to be reported to the PRC:

  • Values ​​for the existing innovation public procurement field (‘innovation’) become just ‘S’ or ‘N’. Different vacuum and different values ​​of ‘S’ or ‘N’ are treated as ‘S’.
  • New field: reasonDirectAjudicationNoMinor:
  • Required when procAdjudication is 'Non-minor direct awards'. More information and possible values ​​in the documentation.
  • New multi-year field arrived

You can find details on how to report new fields from recruitment record managers to the new version of the RPC integration manual.