Self-assessment in public integrity


How to access the self-assessment



Assess system integrity and risk management and obtain recommendations to drive improvements

Analyze the situation of your institution in local public integrity:

Organization and good governance

The organizational model and culture, management and planning tools and the fit of integrity instruments are relevant aspects of analysis

Integrity instruments

The provision and implementation of public integrity tools at the institution are key to the integrity system

Risk management

Risk analysis and its application and monitoring is a central element of integrity management

The self-assessment is grouped into two large blocks, which contain different assessments that can be carried out individually.

Integrity modules: evaluation of integrity in the organization. It makes it possible to analyze the general situation of the entity in terms of integrity and good governance with a view to implementing or improving its own institutional integrity system. It is interesting to have a global view of the organization in terms of public integrity.

Risk assessment: allows to assess the risks to the integrity in five management areas of the entity. It makes it possible to anticipate the degree of vulnerability and to put in place actions that minimize the probability that they materialize.

Integrity modules

Culture of public integrity

Organizational culture, behaviors and results of institutional action

Integrity system

Organization, leadership and instruments of an integrity system

Transparency and active advertising

Management of transparency and publications

Conflict of interest

Knowledge, management and actions around the conflict of interest

Self-assessment of risks according to subject


Risks to integrity in procurement


Risks to the integrity of subsidies


Risks to integrity in urban management and planning

Economic and patrimonial management

Risks to integrity in economic and patrimonial management

Our Team

Risks to integrity in the management of human resources

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