e-NOTUM allows notifications to be sent to certain natural persons without contact details

e-NOTUM equates its operation in relation to natural and legal persons, allowing the creation of notifications without contact data (in the case of legal persons always, in the case of natural persons when it is indicated that they are subject to to relate electronically with the administrations)

In accordance with the provisions of Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations, natural persons may choose at all times whether to communicate with public administrations for the exercise of their rights and obligations through electronic means or not, but there are certain groups of natural persons who are obliged to relate to it electronically. 

They are natural persons who:

  • Carry out a professional activity for which compulsory membership is required, for the procedures and actions they carry out with public administrations in the exercise of this professional activity.
  • Represent an interested party who is obliged to communicate electronically with the Administration.
  • Due to their economic, technical capacity, professional dedication or other reasons, it has been established by regulation that they must be related electronically for certain procedures.
  • They are employees of the public administrations for the procedures and actions they take there due to their status as public employees.

Leaving aside the latter group, who do not apply as recipients of electronic notifications via e-NOTUM by virtue of their status as employees, e-NOTUM allows the sending of notifications without contact details to natural persons who are considered subjects obliged to relate to the administrations electronically, while indicating this attribute.

This new functionality is currently only available via integration and will soon be available via EACAT screens (July 31, 2023). you can consult the documentation.