The new citizenship portal e-NOTUM improves the nomenclature of the states

The AOC Consortium is finalizing preparations for the launch of a new e-NOTUM citizenship portal that it has been preparing for the past few months. This new portal is part of the creation of a new one Design system for all AOC services offered to citizens and businesses through different user organizations and has been working on the redesign of different services: Electronic Headquarters, idCAT, Decidim, Representa and e-NOTUM, among others.

A comprehensive review of the portal has been carried out to make it more usable and accessible, with a design, structuring and nomenclature focused on citizenship and with a major improvement such as the transition towards a single portal. In this way, the e-NOTUM goes from having a notification mailbox for each user of the service to a single mailbox, where people, once logged in, will find all the notifications that any issuing entity, e-user -NOTUM, have been sent to him.

In addition to this functionality, another very noteworthy improvement of the portal will be the revision of the nomenclature of the states, which right now follows a view centered on the administration (incorporating the states according to the logic of the administrative procedure), to a view centered on the user, with a more friendly and understandable language.

In this sense, the portal will show the terminology on time, opened, overdue and rejected in Dehú, which would correspond to:

  • In term > Deposited
  • Open > Accepted
  • Due > Rejected
  • Rejected in Dehú > Rejected

Portal improvements

The new portal, apart from the improvement of the nomenclature of the states, will incorporate the following improvements:

  • Revision of the legal texts to adapt them to a plainer language
  • Highlight metadata that provides more information to lists and emails
  • Filters considered more useful by citizens
  • Integration with Representa
  • Integration with notification aggregator companies via API
  • Allow processing attended

You can check the prototype of the new portal and access more information in the previous post: New citizenship portal e-NOTUM.

La expected date for the launch of the new portal is postponed at the end of January 2024.