e-NOTUM integrates with DESA'L and MUX 3.0

According to the e-NOTUM roadmap, the electronic notification service is integrated with DESA'L (documentary manager of files in processing phase) and MUX 3.0 (new version of the unified register of entry settlements and output).

In relation to DESA'L, this is the document manager that archives and manages files and documents in the processing phase and also stores and safeguards the documents generated/received by the use and consumption of the electronic administration services of the AOC Consortium (such as is the case of e-NOTUM).

This integration of e-NOTUM with DESA'L will allow:

  • Improve service availability
  • Ensure documents are virus free

In relation to the integration with MUX 3.0, this will allow obtaining the documents associated with the settlement, through the call MUX_DESCARREGA, from the moment of registration. 

The integration is currently in pre-production, and will go into production next 23 November. The road map of these services foresees the future integration of all the entities to them, to be able to enjoy their functionalities.

In this sense, at a technical level, two important issues must be kept in mind:

  • The set of documents retrievable from MUX_DOWNLOAD will be modified: the documents can be downloaded immediately after making the entry in the Exit Register, but they will not contain the evidence of the practice of the notifications (given that they are generated afterwards) and , therefore, you will need to download them from e-NOTUM.
  • All e-NOTUM outbound settlement requests you will receive from the MUX-Unified Registry service will be from a new IP (, so we ask you to verify that you have it enabled by adding it to the usual IP if necessary. Remember that if you had restricted requests from this IP, the entries would be made to your auxiliary log, and you could commit these to your log via the MUX_CONSULTA call.

For more information on this change you can contact us through the Integrator Support Portal.