Who's Who in Represents: Service Roles

One of the first steps to take once an organization has registered with Representa is the assignment of permissions to the users who will use the service. Representa has several roles depending on the tasks to be carried out, below we list them together with the basic characteristics of each:

  • CONSULTANT: allows you to consult representations and check if there is a representation between two people for a procedure, body, capacity and specific day and extract evidence in pdf and/or xml.
  • MANAGER: it contains the functionality of the consultant and additionally, allows you to create and modify representations.
  • VALIDATOR: contains the functions of the consultant and additionally, allows validating/rejecting the representations pending validation, with the review of the attached documentation.
  • ADMINISTRATOR OF THE ENS: allows you to manage the catalog of procedures of an administration as well as its data (configuration of the entity).
  • SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR: brings together all the functionalities of all the roles.

Since the roles are cumulative in their functions, it is recommended to add only the required role. In this way, for example:

  • if access is needed to all functionalities, it is recommended service administrator role (you don't need to have all the roles)
  • if needed create representations and consult them, it is recommended manager role (it is not necessary to have the roles of consultant and manager at the same time)

This and other information about Representa can be found in the FAQ Let's start with Representa.

If you are not yet a user of Representa and want to get to know it, don't stop reading it Decalogue to understand Represents which with a quick glance will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​what it is, what it does and how it is articulated.