e-NOTUM publishes new messaging with new operations and representative support

The e-NOTUM service has published one new messaging, version 4.0, which will adapt the nomenclature of the access levels to the EIDAS regulation and eliminate the states: viewed and rejected.

In detail, messaging incorporates the following improvements:

  • New notification cancellation operation.
  • New recipient identifier types for EU residents.
  • Access levels according to EIDAS regulations: instead of the current PPAS and CERT we will use the ALT, SUBSTANTIAL and LOW access levels.
  • Simplification of notification states: the VIEWED state is removed and the REJECTED WITHOUT ACCESS and REJECTED WITHOUT ACTION states will become EXPIRED.
  • Citizen identification exclusively through VALId.
  • New user profiles:
    • Representative: will allow a user to act on behalf of another natural or legal person by consulting the representations registered in the Representa service.
    • Official Ability: will allow designated officials to open notifications from interested parties who wish to do so. Either by spontaneous appearance at the body issuing the notification or by insufficient means.

In relation to previous versions, the removal forecast will be as follows:

  • v3.0: End 2024
  • v3.1: End 2025
  • v3.2: End 2026