10 reasons for citizen participation and a service to make them a reality

These are some reasons to include citizen participation in public policies and discover a service to execute this strategic line that is also part of the Digital Maturity Index of the AOC Consortium.

Active involvement in public policies

Online citizen participation is a form of political involvement that uses digital media to promote the inclusion of citizens in government decisions.

Efficiency and transparency

Online citizen participation becomes an effective way to convey the opinions and concerns of citizens to governments and to promote transparency in political decisions.

Trust in governments

Online citizen participation can be an important tool for building trust between citizens and governments, as it allows citizens to be more informed and involved in the political decisions that affect them.

Empowerment of citizenship

Online citizen participation can be a form of citizen empowerment, as it allows people to have an active voice in the political decisions that affect them and can influence the results of the decisions to be taken by governments.

Social cohesion

Online citizen participation can be a way to increase social cohesion and improve the relationship between citizens and public institutions, as it allows citizens to be involved in decisions and assert their opinions and concerns. Too. it can be a powerful tool for fostering community building and social networking online, as it facilitates communication and dialogue between citizens.

Governance and quality in decision-making

Online citizen participation can be a way to improve governance and the quality of political decisions, as it allows citizens to have access to up-to-date and reliable information about political decisions that affect them before the decision-making materializes.


Online citizen participation can be a way of improving the responsibility of governments and aligning them more with citizens, as it allows people to become part of the process and have an opportunity to join as part of public management.

take back accounts

Online citizen participation can improve the transparency and accountability of governments, as it allows citizens to access information, make proposals, gain consensus and give their opinion on issues of public interest.

Social co-creation

Online citizen participation can also contribute to the co-creation of public policies, as it allows citizens to collaborate in the development of political decisions that affect them and to be part of future decision-making, either on a one-off basis or stable way

Improved social visibility

Online citizen participation can also be a tool for solving problems and improving the quality of life in communities, for example it allows citizens from minority groups or isolated social centers to express concerns, provide creative solutions to community problems or make their life situation relevant.

We decide on Catalonia, a common citizen participation project and a service deployed with the aim of supporting it

Thank you for your support Network of Transparent Governments, the local bodies of the demarcations of Lleida and Tarragona can have instances of decidim through the Decidim Catalunya project and service of the same name.

The objective is to offer the local world a comprehensive "turnkey" service, which includes technological aspects, as well as support in the management of participatory processes. The role of the AOC is to provide Decidim Catalunya's technological service, to make it available to local bodies that want it, to offer technical support and to carry out the developments that guarantee its evolution according to needs.

The tasks of advice, training and support in the participation processes for the administrations with fewer resources will be carried out through the Provincial Councils, the Generalitat itself and local, with a shared governance model. These tasks are essential for the success of citizen participation initiatives. 

How to request the registration of the service and other considerations in this regard

To request registration, you will find the procedure in the EACAT procedures, in the provider Consorci AOC, Service CAOC – Request for services, in the Procedure "Request for registration and modification of AOC services" .

In the same way as in other services, you will have to fill in the PDF document Request for registration and modification of AOC services where you will have to select the Decidim Catalunya service.

Service registrations will be prioritized according to the following requirements and priorities:

  • The service is based on the free software We decide and it requires the adhesion to his Social Contract.
  • You will need internal staff or external support capable of managing citizen participation initiatives. If this is not the case, please, to resolve it, you can contact the Municipal Assistance Services of your demarcation and, in parallel, you can perform the Basic Course of the Decidim Catalunya service.
  • You must inform us of the citizen participation initiatives you wish to promote within one year of registration.

It is important that you bear in mind that the service is only available to the local bodies of Lleida and Tarragona, once the form is filled in and validated, it will be necessary to sign it electronically and send it through the "Send" button on the form itself or through 'EACAT Procedures > Registration window.

Resources available

You will find flexible, online and free training available at Self-assessment course in audiovisual format.

Also, other resources are available to you, such as the new website of the service, specific support portal, documentation center which includes the FAQS and the plain of the service-specific testing entity.