The process of periodic and automated removal of the documentation of the offers presented to the PSCP is activated

As we advanced to the release We would like to inform you that, from the Department of the Vice-Presidency, Economy and Finance, the process will be activated next week. of erasure of the documentation that composes the offers presented in the tools of electronic bidding integrated with the PSCP (Digital Envelope and Telematic Presentation of Tenders) of automated and periodic form, once elapsed two months from the improvement of the contract. That is, those who have published at least two months ago:

  • Formalization.
  • Award with the mark "Finish the file" in the basic data.
  • Adjudication as deserted.

Like this, These files will be deleted from PSCP, all the documents that make up the offers, the documents sent in the documentation requirements and the files generated by the tool (such as summaries and receipts).

The records of the offers will be kept in the databases, the records
of the audit tool related to the required bids and document templates.

These corporate tools of the Generalitat de Catalunya and implemented in the local world and in universities, by the AOC Consortium, are designed for the sending and receiving of electronic offers, but they do not constitute a repository of the documentation that composes them, which must be downloaded and saved by the contracting bodies, to their file managers.