77% of procedures are done digitally: AOC 2022 balance sheet

The digital transformation of administrations is progressing progressively towards a fully digital country. From the AOC we rigorously evaluate this process of digital transformation and we can affirm that year after year citizens, companies and society in general enjoy the benefits that the digitization of the public sector entails.

The balance of the use of AOC 2022 services shows a increase in terms of digital procedures and stands at 77%, 5 points more than in 2021. Practically 100% of administrations guarantee digital processing and transparency rights. Of these, 90% use AOC services to comply with legal obligations.

AOC services generate savings

According to the AOC methodology, using AOC services saves time, paper and money. specifically 4 hours per person per year, 11 documents annually and more than 500 million euros. In addition, 79% of users rate digital public services positively or very positively.

Support in the digital transformation

In addition to providing digital administration solutions, from the AOC we accompany administrations and public personnel in the digital transformation. In 2022 the support service handled more than 70.000 requests and we organized training sessions and workshops attended by more than 4.200 people.

To be able to relate to the Administration from home, a digital identity is essential. We have currently delivered 3 million idCAT mobile or certified idCAT identities.

You can consult all the data of the AOC 2022 Services Balance in the infographic