Information for T-CAT users


Information for users of the T-CAT and T-CAT P

Description - The T-CAT is the card of the personnel of the Catalan public administrations and contains digital certificates recognized and qualified according to the European Regulation of Electronic Identification and Trusted Services (EIDAS) that allow to guarantee the identity of a certain worker of a public organism by electronic means . In addition, it allows to produce the type of recognized electronic signature, included in Law 59/2003 of electronic signature. - The T-CAT P is the personal certificate of identification and advanced signature with charge, optional, is a recognized certificate that identifies, in addition to the person who holds it, your subscribing organization, and may include a statement regarding the position of the key holder. It is intended for public workers in the Catalan public sector. It is an authentication tool that generates advanced signature, given that it is delivered in software, without a secure signature creation device; so it can be installed on different media: computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. Electronic procedures Its main use is the identification and authentication to carry out telematic procedures with full legal and technical guarantees, both at the level of a Catalan public sector worker and at a personal level. There are more than 10.000 telematic procedures that can be done with the T-CAT, both at state, regional and local level. Some specific examples of use would be:

  • formalities with EACAT
  • formalities of the Virtual Procedures Office of the Generalitat
  • formalities of the State Tax Agency (filing income statement, etc.)
  • formalities with Social Security (download work life report, etc.)
  • formalities of the electronic offices of the ministries (obtaining the marriage or birth certificate, etc.)
  •,, etc.: formalities of the electronic offices and citizen folders of your town councils
  • formalities of the Catalan provincial councils

What benefits it brings

  • It guarantees the security of electronic communications and achieves the same legal efficiency as the handwritten signature
  • Reduce processing times. For example, you can sign large numbers of documents even carelessly
  • It allows you to carry out personal procedures such as the income tax return, consult the working life and many more
  • It protects the environment because it can greatly reduce the volume of paper and files used in traditional processes.

Who is it for? To all the staff of the Catalan public sector and their related agencies that require it

In the event that you need to issue or renew your T-CAT card, you must request it from the corresponding person in charge of your body, who in turn must follow the established procedure.

You will find everything you need to install your T-CAT / T-CAT P in our T-CAT Support Portal:

Subscriber's folder: If you want to deliver a digital certificate, forward a PIN or check the status of the procedure, you will find the folder in the Support Portal. You can consult the manual here!.

For any questions or clarification on the service, consult the Portal of Support of the T-CAT portal_t-cat