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FUE Local is a service of the AOC Consortium that was born at the beginning of 2012 under an order from the Government, with the mission of offering to the local world the different standard and homogeneous electronic procedures associated with the processing of activities business, while complying with the Internal Market Services Directive.

The work was initially developed thanks to a multidisciplinary work team, which beyond the AOC, had the invaluable collaboration of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​the Town Councils of Castellar del Vallès and Castellbisbal, as well as the Office of Business Management (OGE) of the Department of Business and Employment, and the Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Service of the Department of the Interior of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which have provided the work with the necessary legal and technical rigor.

Over time, the working group has been extended to other administrations, such as Barcelona City Council, and work continues in a collaborative way to adjust the model of processing activities in the territory.

The local FUE service currently has 17 electronic procedures with its file, forms, electronic processing solution, integration methods, technical tables and connection to the “Guided search for procedures” by Canal Empresa, to make it easier for councils to create their One - Stop Shop (FUE), and already has 927 town councils which are FUE, (including Barcelona City Council).

FUE Local and the laws of simplification and economic facilitation

The FUE and Law 16/2015 on simplification and the obligation of new procedures

On July 24, 2015, the Law 16/2015, of 21 July, on the simplification of the administrative activity of the administration of the Generalitat and the local governments of Catalonia and the promotion of economic activity.

This law explicitly regulates intervention regimes that affect the start and exercise of economic activities, which until now were at the expense of each city council, but it is also determined that all local entities Catalans will have to become Single Business Window (FUE) which is understood as an inter-administrative network in order to facilitate access to procedures that are the responsibility of public administrations and facilitate access to economic activity.

The FUE and Law 18/2020 on economic facilitation

On December 28, 2020, the Economic facilitation law, a pioneering regulation in Europe in the field of facilitation, which applies the principle "Only Once" whereby companies and entrepreneurs will only have to provide their data once in all their formalities with all administrations.

In the following link you can have the Exact criteria that will have to fulfill the entities to be considered FUE either via e-TRAM (before 13 February 2016), or via integration with its own processing solution (before 13 August 2016).

The standard includes measures to reduce bureaucratic burdens, minimizing administrative intervention; offers services proactively to companies a glass analyzed the data provided without the need to request it; and set a new relationship model between the company and the administrations. This new relationship model is based on mutual trust, the default digital relationship, one-time data input, the elimination of unnecessary administrative burdens, the standardization of procedures, the speed of processing, and the transparency.

The Law - which gives continuity to the Business One-Stop Shop (FUE) - is the result of a collaborative work of the Department of Business and Knowledge with representatives of the different economic agents involved.

Taking into account the criteria and deadlines set by both the Simplification Act and the Facilitation Act, the'AOC, -and through the local FUE service-, help a comply with all obligations which are derived from it.

Available resources of the service

The following describes the different resources available:

We users of the service

Currently 927 Catalan town councils Catalans already comply with the basic requirements associated with the Simplification Act to become FUE, and there are 10 more in the advanced stage of the work. The table below shows the details of the work carried out.

Below we show one map with the current deployment status of the FUE Local service in the territory on December 28, 2021.

If your city council has not yet joined the service, click on the link below we explain in detail how to be an entity FUE.

Roadmap 2021

  • Continue to promote the deployment of the service both in the e-TRAM mode and in the own solution / integration version.
  • Adjust FUE procedures to new versions of the processing solution (e-TRAM 2.0).
  • Work to incorporate new procedures into the catalog, following the FUE model
  • Keep the different files of the procedures offered up to date as regulatory changes take place.
  • Advance in the work of accompanying and disseminating the service together with the Office of Business Management (OGE), provincial councils and municipal entities.

You will find the procedure for applying for the service, a EACAT Procedures> provider AOC Consortium, CAOC Service - Application for services> Procedure “Application for registration and modification of AOC services”.

EACAT procedure request screen for AOC services


Therefore, you will need to complete the PDF document from Application for registration and modification of the AOC services and the FUE Local Configuration Form

It is important to consider:

  • That form must be downloaded from the entity that asks the service.
  • In order to be able to download the registration form, the EACAT user manager must have assigned you “CAOC service - Request for Services”.
  • That, once the form has been completed and validated, it will have to be signed electronically and send it via the "Submit" button on the form itself or throughEACAT Procedures> Registration window.

Technical support

If you have technical questions about the operation of the leaderboard you can contact by email with canalempresa@gencat.cat, in case of a doubt about the Guided Search of procedures, identifying the ID (identification code) of the session, and reporting the problem found.

If you have any questions regarding the application for the FUE Local service or linked to electronic processing (e-TRAM or integration with your own solution) you can consult the FUE Local Support Portal or contact the Customer Service Center of the AOC Consortium.

Support for integration

If you want to make progress in the integration on your own processing solution, you will need to indicate this on the registration form for the service you send us. We leave you the contact of support.integracio@aoc.cat  in case you have doubts

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