Acknowledgments, certifications and forums


The AOC Consortium ensures the security, quality, and maximum recognition by any public administration at all levels (local, regional, state, European) of the certificates it issues.

Thanks to this effort, the number of uses of their certificates is constantly increasing. This commitment leads us to participate in various forums where the new standards relating to the Information Society are developed.


Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism
List of certification service providers and the services they provide that the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism published in application of article 30.2 of Law 59/2003 of 19 December. This recognition allows the automatic recognition by all those applications or platforms of other ministries that base their recognition on that of the MIEyT.

It is the technological solution on which the implementation of the Validation and Electronic Signature Platform of the Ministry of the Presidency is based. This recognition allows automatic recognition by all those applications or platforms of the ministries that base their recognition on @Firma. In the following link, you can find thelisting of all the lenders built into the @firma platform.

THETax Agency has its own digital certificate validation platform. Through its web page you can perform a multitude of digital procedures with digital certificate.

TSL - Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers
The European Commission approved one Directive concerning the eSignature to create a Community framework for the use of electronic signatures. This framework must allow the free flow of services and products across borders, guaranteeing the legal recognition of the electronic signature. This recognition, promoted by MITyC, automates the European recognition of digital certificates, both so that in Europe the certificates of the Catalan public administrations are recognized and vice versa. This recognition based on a public list is machine interpretable.

The AOC Consortium certificates are recognized by the Windows operating system, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, Firefox 11 and higher, and the Chrome browser in Windows environment.


Seal of trust, quality and security granted to certification entities that meet the criteria and principles of WebTrust.

WebTrust Extended Validation
Stamp of trust, quality and security granted to the certification entities that comply with the guidelines of the CA / Browser Forum published in, in relation to the issuance and management of extended validation certificates.


OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Non-profit consortium that leads the development, convergence and adoption of free standards for the global information society.

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Non-profit organization officially recognized by the European Union as the Organization of European Standards. ETSI produces globally applicable Information and Communications Technology standards.

AMETIC - Multisectoral Association of Companies of the Electronics, the Technologies of the Information and the Communications, of the Telecommunications and of the Digital Contents
The purpose of AMETIC is to encourage and help the development of companies in the ICT sector in Spain.

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