Profitable synergies: e-NOTUM + Representa

From October 2021 the e-NOTUM service is already integrated with Representa (integration of e-NOTUM with Representa) on the part of the public employee portal.

This integration allows you to know with a single click if the recipient of the notification has a representative, and if so, to add the representative as an additional recipient or as a unique recipient, instead of the interested party.

To find out if a recipient has a representative, you just have to check, when creating the notification, if the recipient sees the icon indicating that there is a representative, if so, the representative can be added directly from the same screen as recipient (additional or unique). The step by step is detailed in the FAQ How can we check if a target person has representatives and notify them? available at E-NOTUM Support Portal.

Soon, with the new citizenship portal that we are preparing from the AOC, the integration of this interface with the Representative will also be enabled, allowing representatives not included as recipients to access the notifications of their representatives.