The web service for retrieving e-Licita offers is enabled

The web service that allows the retrieval of offers from the electronic bidding tools integrated with the Public Procurement Services Platform (PSCP) is now available.

From the AOC, a service is made available to local bodies and universities to consume, from their own platforms, the e-Contracting services of the Generalitat de Catalunya through the PCI (Inter-Administrative Collaboration Platform) of the AOC Consortium.

In this way, the transfer of certain information from procurement records is allowed in an automated manner, both to the PSCP and to the Public Contract Register (RPC), through third-party procurement file managers.

Now added to these web services, the possibility of obtaining the offers presented and opened in Sobre Digital, through a new integration with the offer recovery service that the Department of Economy and Finance has made available and from the AOC we have developed.

Those entities that already have the integration of your file manager with the PSCP can additionally request integration with e-Licita through the integration form.

If you want to develop the integration with both services at the same time, you must send us the integration form by marking both services (PSCP and e-Licita).

Through the link to the PSCP integration documentation you can access the Integration Document that incorporates this new section "5.2.6 Return of submitted offers" as well as an example of a call to the new webservices.