New idCAT operator website: going into production on September 28

In relation to the new idCAT operator website that we have sent you announcing in recent weeks, we remind you that on September 28, 2022 at 15.00:XNUMX p.m. the website will be changed. This change will not involve a cut in service.

Below we remind you of the advantages of the new website:

  • Consultation with the General Directorate of Police to verify the details of the documents provided by users.

This change will involve the removal of the photocopy of the supporting document in those cases in which the DGP returns the information to us (DNI and NIE). The idCAT certificate application itself will launch the query and return the already loaded and non-editable information for issuing the certificate.

You will find more information in the FAQ Issuance of the idCAT.

  • Integration with the Unified Registration Service (MUX)

This change implies that the entry entries produced when making the issuances and revocations will no longer be registered against the idCAT auxiliary register, but will be made in the entity's own register. In case you do NOT have your registration tool integrated in the MUX, the entries will be made in the auxiliary register of your entity, as all the services of the Consortium do, and which you can check from EACAT.

If you have your registration tool integrated with MUX, keep in mind that you will be able to distinguish these new entries because the application that will make them will be “IDCAT”.

  • Recovery of PIN and PUK codes of operator certificates

All operator certificates generated from the production release date will be able to recover the original PIN and PUK codes through this enllaç

  • New procedures

We take this opportunity to inform you that the new filing and security procedures have already been published in this link

You can consult the new issuance procedure in the FAQ Issue of the idCAT which you will find in the idCAT Registration Entity Support Portal.