On October 13, e-TRAM 1.0 (citizen environment) is deactivated for entities with e-TRAM 2.0 active between March and July 2022

As we have already announced, the December 31, 2022 the AOC Consortium will stop providing the e-TRAM 1.0 service, migrating to a new version of e-TRAM (2.0) that is much more robust, accessible, portable and agile, which also offers the possibility of self-management of your catalog of procedures (including FUE procedures with its native integration with Channel Empresa).

The migration tasks lead in a first phase to the migration of the portal to the new version and after a reasonable time, the second phase begins with the closure of the e-TRAM 1.0 environment. It is for this reason that for all those us migrated to the version 2.0 between March and July 2022 (nearly 400 ens), next October 13 the work of the second phase will begin, with the closure of the e-TRAM 1.0 environment of the citizenship part, becoming only e-TRAM 2.0 the citizen processing platform.

This is the list of entities where this task will be carried out: Ens where e-TRAM 1.0 closes around citizenship to 13-10-22. Remember that if your site is included in this work, beyond the processing checks already carried out at the time, you will need to have your portal links correctly redirected to the new e-TRAM 2.0 environment.

In terms of global data, mid september we already have of more than 700 we have migrated (almost 70% of the bodies with the service available). Despite this, we continue to work intensively with the collaboration of County Councils and Provincial Councils to migrate the 100% of us in the new version at the end of the year.

In this sense, and for all those of us who are still with version e-TRAM 1.0, remind you that if you proactively contact us we can prioritize the migration, and you will have more time for checks and adjustments. For this purpose we reopen the contact form, so that you can indicate your interest in the migration (form available until October 15), so that we can plan and prioritize the work in a more agile way.

Remember that for any doubt you can contact our support service.