Via Oberta incorporates the data query service of the history of foreigners' residence procedures

The new data consultation service for the history of foreigners' residence procedures by the General Directorate of Police is now available.

This service makes it available to all the Public Administrations of the consultation of the data of the history of procedures requested by a foreign citizen to obtain legal residence in Spain.

It not only returns the data of the history of procedures, but also the corresponding dates of the procedures carried out by the foreign person. That is, basically collect all periods of residence since you obtained this status. What would come to be like the TGSS working life, but abroad.

Given that registration by itself does not prove effective residence, it is often required to prove from which date a foreigner has the status of resident in the Spanish State.

It is appropriate to point out that to calculate the time of legal residence of a foreign person, the date of the resolution in which the first residence in Spain was granted must be taken into account and NOT the date of the notification, nor of the delivery of the Foreigner's Identification Card (TIE).

You will find all the information related to the Letter of Services of the DGP corresponding to the data service of the history of foreigners' residence procedures.

Important: It should be noted that this service should not be confused with the legal residence consultation service of a foreigner, which is none other than what allows you to consult the data of legal residence in Spain of a foreign citizen, offering the state of residence of a foreigner in Spain (initial authorization of stay and residence, extension or renewal, long-term residence duration, nationality) or if you are a family member of a Community citizen or the type of stay you are allowed.

The information related to the consultation of legal residence of foreigners is available at the Letter of Services

To differentiate one or the other, we give you two examples:

  • The consultation of the history of residence procedures of a foreigner it would be within the framework of an application by the foreign person for the request for a disability or retirement pension, where it is necessary to accredit all periods of legal residence in Spain, for the purposes of granting of these types of benefits.
  • The consultation of legal residence it would be within the framework of a social rooting file in order to request the corresponding report and consequently accredit social integration in the process of obtaining a temporary residence authorization for social rooting.