The corresponding call for the year 2023 is open for the granting of multi-year grants to research projects in the field of religious affairs 2023-2024

The Department of the Presidency has published in the DOGC the call of aid to research projects in religious affairs (RELIG 2023-24), with a budget allocation of €80.000, through Resolution PRE/459/2023 (ref. BDNS 676669).

The object of the call is to grant aid to universities that are part of the Catalan university system, research centers based in Catalonia that are dependent on or mostly participated in by a public administration and private non-profit entities based in Catalonia that have research as a of its main activities, for the realization of original and unpublished research projects in the matter of religious freedom and the exercise of this right, as well as the religious fact and its diversity, which allow obtaining scientific results and creating a knowledge new with applicable intervention proposals and with impact on Catalan society.

El terms presentation of applications is from February 23 to March 22, 2023, both included.

The temporary scope of execution of the research projects begins the day after the notification of the decision to grant the grant and ends on October 31, 2024. The amount per aid is between 10.000 and 16.000 euros

Applications must be submitted exclusively using the standard form. Universities and public centers must do this through EACAT in the PRE procedure - Aid to research projects in the field of religious affairs.

Each legal person must submit a single application, in which they can include the number of research projects they consider, without limitation.

To process the aid you must go to Procedures, Catalog of procedures, Department of the Presidency, more, PRE – Grants for research projects in the field of religious affairs.