The 2022 Open Administration Awards will be given on March 29 in Manresa: save the date

The award ceremony for the 2022 Open Administration Awards will take place next March 29 at 17 p.m. in Manresa, in the Small Hall of the Kursaal. The presentation of the awards will be attended by the counselor of the Presidency and president of the AOC, Laura Vilagra, the president of Localret and vice-president of the AOC, James Oliveras and the mayor of Manresa, Mark Aloy.

This is the XNUMXth edition of the Open Administration Awards, awards that the AOC gives each year to town councils and county councils that have excelled in the digital transformation of their relationship with citizens and in their internal management.

It is planned that on March 13th it will be announced which are the entities that will receive the recognition.

The Open Administration Awards distinguish seven categories according to the number of inhabitants of the entities and their nature:

  • Councils of 1 to 500 inhabitants
  • Councils of 501 to 1.000 inhabitants
  • Councils of 1.001 to 5.000 inhabitants
  • Councils of 5.001 to 20.000 inhabitants
  • Councils of 20.001 to 50.000 inhabitants
  • Councils with more than 50.000 inhabitants
  • County councils

Digital Maturity Index (IMD)

These recognitions are given on the basis of the Digital Maturity Index (IMD) carried out by the AOC and determined from the analysis of objective indicators, data on the use of AOC services and the analysis from the websites of local bodies.

The IMD is a unique and innovative initiative, both at state and international level, which allows us to rigorously assess the degree of maturity of a public body's digital transformation. Indices that measure the development of digital government at the regional or state level are not appropriate for evaluating data at the local level and, moreover, are based on surveys or statistical data, while the IMD uses public and objective open data.

Check your indicators

The list of awardees is obtained from the score obtained in the IMD. To adjust this index, town councils and county councils can review your data accessing the website where we publish the indicators of the 2022 Digital Maturity Index and send us the amendments to the February 28 2023.