The new ISocial access service has been published

The Department of Social Rights (DSO) annually collects a large volume of data from the local bodies managing basic areas of social services, for various purposes: the evaluation of the Program Contract in the field of social services and other programs related to social welfare, for justification of external funding, for statistical and planning purposes or to draw up the map of social services.

In this sense, the DSO promoted the preparation of the unified data collection register of local bodies (RUDEL), which aims to unify the collection of all the data that the DSO needs from local bodies in the framework of competencies of the Catalan system of social services, in order to optimize resources and improve communication channels, as well as increase the quality of information.

In this edition, the data linked to the DSO's Program Contract with local bodies are collected through the lSocial software. The data to be collected will always refer to the period between January 1 and December 31 of the year prior to the time of collection.