You can now request the Service for sending complaints to the Catalan Traffic Service via integration

From today, the AOC Consortium makes available to the Catalan Public Administrations the service for the development of procedure for sending complaints to the automated Catalan Traffic Service.

In order to be able to adjust this service to the needs of the Public Administrations, the data available from this service for those police who take advantage of the complaint system through PDA are indicated:

  • Sending ticket remittance

The service makes available to the entity the automation of the sending of complaint slips to the Catalan Traffic Service system, prior to its incorporation into the application of the SCT Sanctioning Procedure (PSN).

  • Obtaining ticket rank

The service makes the SCT tickets available to the local police so that they can file complaints under the authority of the Catalan Traffic Service.

They currently have paper ticket slips issued by the SCT with the ticket number (file) pre-printed.

  • Download the catalog of regulations

The service makes available to the local police the catalog of regulations so that they can indicate the infringed regulation in digital format when they lodge a complaint under the jurisdiction of the SCT.

They currently have a catalog of infringements printed in mini-book format and when they make a complaint they manually write the identification data of the option relating to the infringed regulation on the ticket.

The main advantage of this service is the saving of resources it generates for the Public Administration, given that it is no longer necessary to scan the paper complaint forms and the subsequent processing through EACAT screens, they transmit this data automatically to the Catalan Traffic Service.

The request for this service is in EACAT at the following route: Home > Procedures > Catalogue > AOC – Request for services

All the information on these services can be consulted in the section "Apply for service” within the scope of Generalitat de Catalunya and the Service letter.

This service is only offered via integration.