Incident detected in the responses of the AEAT services for the 2021 financial year

 The AEAT has notified the AOC Consortium of the detection of a specific incident in the IRPF and Calculated Income Certificates services for the 2021 financial year.

This incidence has occurred during the period between  June 5 at 08:05 am to June 7 at 07:24 am this year, which means that the answers to the queries made to these services are likely to be wrong.

Exactly, it has been identified that in the Income inquiries to "persons NOT obliged to present the income declaration" the AEAT erroneously answered that "the owner had been identified, but there were no declaration details or charges", when really yes he should have returned the imputations of the holder consulted.

Consequently, it is recommended that the queries made to the IRPF services and to the Calculated Income Certificates for the 2021 financial year, between the dates and in the time slot indicated, where the response received by the AEAT has been  "Error: Holder identified, but without declaration data or imputations", be repeated again to verify whether or not their accusations are really true.