The deadline to notify the Public Contracts Register of the 2022 tenders ends on February 28

In order to comply with the deadlines established in the regulations governing the transmission of contractual data to the Public Register of Contracts (hereafter RPC), we inform you that the February 28, 2023, is the last day to report your data on the contracts corresponding to the year 2022. It will therefore be necessary that all data relating to public administration contracts be reported to the RPC and that those that are currently still in the "contracting body" or "returned contract" status are duly sent. From the AOC Consortium, we would also like to remind you of the obligation to use this service also for the transmission of contractual situations relating to the contracts transmitted (modifications, extensions and liquidations). To facilitate this task, we provide you with specific support content to carry out these actions: We also make available to you all the other support content of the service at Portal of Support of the Public Register of Contracts, as well as, the self-training tutorial on the AOC Campus service.