A new version of the Representa standard catalog is available

From next Wednesday, September 13, a new version of the Representa's standard catalog will be available, which will include four new procedures, including the generic instance (general register of documents), and which will incorporate the FUE codes into 17 procedures.

Each of us can decide whether the catalog of procedures to be used in the Representa is the standard catalog proposed by the AOC, or if it prefers to use its own catalog. The advantage of the standard catalog proposed by the AOC, created on the basis of the Model classification table of councils and regional councils (QdCAC), is that it is maintained and updated by the AOC based on the changes and modifications that they are proposed as part of the team of archivists who maintain this Classification Table Model; and which allows the use of a catalog shared by N users of the Representa, which would facilitate the transition to a single catalog and, therefore, to a possible representation with procedures (type C) applicable to all these entities.

All those entities that use the Representa with standard catalog, therefore, do not have to do anything to enjoy this new version, since it will be updated automatically in the service. You can consult the details of the new and updated procedures with the FUE codes in the following Excel, reviewing the columns:

  • incorporation: 30/08/2023 >> new procedures
  • modification: 30/08/2023 >> updated procedures

More details in the FAQ Catalog of procedures for the Representa.