In connection with the exchange of cryptographic cards that we sent you announced last November 19, this will be the planning we will carry out:

  • You need to install the new software now available to use the new T-CAT Cards to make the changes. It is very important that you make the changes indicated in the T-CAT Registration Entity, because if you do not, certificates will NOT be generated. We recommend that you send us confirmation of the change via a support ticket with the evidence of the tests.
  • Beginning April 13th, and until the mass revocation of all certificates generated on Sm@rtCafe 7.0 chip cards: 
    • The application will only allow generating on cards of the new model. If the software is not up to date or if you do not try to generate on a new card, the process cannot be completed.
    • You can have two certificates of the same type: there will be no uniqueness.
    • They will have to be requested by EACAT, as you have done so far.
    • At the end of September (we will confirm the specific date) the AOC Consortium will massively revoke all certificates generated on the old cryptographic support (card).
  • The new cards will have some minor design changes, marked in yellow in the image below:


  • In the case of the Regional Councils, you must give us an answer to the proposal for the centralization of emissions.
  • Those ER T-CATs that have a personalized card, remember that ordering the new devices is the responsibility of ER T-CAT itself.

If you need more information, you can contact our Customer Service Center (CAU) through Support portal of the T-CAT Registration Entities and the Support portal for T-CAT users.