Catalonia, the only territory of the State where you can obtain a digital identity with a selfie according to a report

Catalonia is the only territory of the Spanish state where, through the services offered by the Open Administration of Catalonia (AOC), you can more easily obtain a digital identity to relate to the public sector with a Selfie, with the consequent saving of time and travel

The AOC service that makes it possible is theidCAT Mobile, which can obtain with an identification document and a Selfie. It is also possible to obtain this digital identity with some data from the identification document and the health card or with a qualified digital certificate.

This is, among others, a conclusion contained in the report "¿Habla claro la Administración a los públicos vulnerables?", drawn up by the consulting firm Prodigioso Volcán. 

The report "¿Habla claro la Administración a los públicos vulnerables?: II Radiografía del lenguaje administrativo en España" analyzes the clarity of some of the administrative procedures that fight against vulnerability. Published by the consulting firm Prodigioso Volcán, the report has analyzed 25 administrative procedures, such as financial aid, dining grants or health care, from the perspective of clear communication.

The report highlights the urgency of moving towards an innovative, clear and accessible Public Administration for everyone.

Can you request that the report be sent to you by email and see the conference organized by Prodigioso Volcán that analyzes the study.