AOC services have received 3.675 registration requests during 2022

During the year 2022, 3.675 registration requests for AOC services have been created, of which more than 20% are registrations for consultations in Via Oberta at the General Administration of the State, followed by requests to update the assignment of the electronic seal for AOC Services (13%) and for e-Contractio services (12%). 

Of all the requests created, 2.677 have been closed by completing the registration to the service, therefore 73% of the registration requests have ended successfully. The rest have been canceled or closed automatically. 

The annual average of management time for registrations has been 8 working days, although in most months the management time has been a maximum of 5 days. We work to reduce this management time, so that public bodies can access the services offered by the AOC as quickly as possible. 

Information on how to apply for each of the AOC services can be found in ours services page, detailed for each of the tools offered.