Necessary adaptations of the "IRPF Certificate" web services in fiscal year 2022

From the AOC Consortium we are working on the new IRPF services for the 2022 financial year, which are expected to be in production during the second half of July, once the income campaign has ended and the AEAT puts the data available.

 "Certificate" IRPF

The consumer administrations of the "IRPF Certificate" web service in an integrated way, they need to adapt their developments to the new specifications published for this exercise. On the following website you will find the IRPF scheme and XSD dictionary associated with the 2022 fiscal year.

However, the administrations that only use the "Certificate d'IRPF" service through EACAT screens, they will not need to make any changes or adaptations, and will be able to consult the data for the 2022 financial year once they are available from the Tax Administration.

"Certificates" of Calculated Income

In relation to the calculated income certificates ("Individual income level certificate", "Income for social benefits" and "Income certificate for grants" composed by the AOC Consortium based on the design of records published by the AEAT, does not require adaptation by any consumer administration.

However, since the calculations for each fiscal year are different depending on the fiscal year, it is possible that depending on their use, some administration will make their own calculations based on the amounts returned. For this reason, and so that you are aware of the composition of these certificates, we recommend that you review the design of the records of those calculated for the year 2022 that you will find in the following link