Adaptation of the integrations of the Civil Registry Services

The Civil Registry modernization project has affected the provision of interoperability services involving the need for new developments by the administrations that consume the services in an integrated way.

Until the end of last year, the interoperability services provided by the Ministry of Justice and the Civil Registry, for "birth", "marriage" and "death" queries were resolved by the "INFOREG" computer system.

New DICIREG services and adaptation required by integrators

Currently, many civil registries are no longer registering in the old computer system (INFOREG), but are doing so in the NEW computer system DICIREG.

This change of computer system means that the queries that are made to the systems INFOREG may obtain outdated answers.

That is to say, if a query is made about a recent birth, marriage or death, in a civil registry that registers the computer system (INFOREG) it is most likely that it is not recorded and that the answer obtained is not up to date. 

However, if the query is made to the DICIREG services, the answer will be updated since DICIREG consolidates the information registered in this system and also in the old system (INFOREG).

During the last months, the AOC Consortium has been working to develop the new DICIREG services of the Civil Registry and on June 8th it activated them for production.

Consequently, all the inquiries you make from June 8 through EACAT screens they are already deriving in the DICIREG computer systems and are being resolved in an up-to-date manner.

Well, those consumers who consume Civil Registry services in an integrated way to our Web Services, it is necessary that urgently adapt to the new specifications published at the URL:, given that the Ministry has communicated to us that at the beginning of August plans to discontinue the provision of the old services (INFOREG).

Migration of authorizations and incidents

To facilitate technological migration, the migration of authorizations has been agreed with the Ministry. Of course, that to consult the new DICIREG services, no new authorizations must be requested, but the issuer has by default migrated the authorizations contained in the old services (INFOREG) to the new systems (DICIREG).

In case you detect any incident or the return of any authorization error in the next consumptions, we would appreciate it if you open a ticket through the support channel  so that we can review it and forward it to the issuer. 

New services and new adaptations

The publication of new services by the Civil Registry is planned and modifications to the current specifications are not ruled out since continuous changes have had to be faced during the development of this service, due to the constant modifications of the published technical specifications by the issuer.

From the Consortium, we have asked the Ministry to minimize changes and adaptations in published services to avoid the impact it causes on integrators, but we cannot guarantee that the Civil Registry will make changes to these new services.