Update of the description of "Person seeking employment not employed" (DONO) in the Open Way Services Charter

The Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) has extended the DONO concept to other groups of people registered and appearing in the SOC databases in a situation of unemployment.

Specifically, it has been extended to people who are in an administrative situation of suspension for attending SOC occupational actions or others who are now considered DONORS.

Therefore, the change is quite significant in terms of the effects that this expansion of the DONO concept can produce in the resolution of an administrative procedure given that, if before the aforementioned update, people who were, for example, taking a course of training for the unemployed and given the case that a Public Administration within the framework of the processing of an application made a consultation with the SOC through Via Oberta; the fact that the person was undergoing training implied a "negative" answer to the query, that is to say, that person was not listed as a job seeker.

On the other hand, currently with the new instructions of the Public Employment Service of Catalonia, the answer to the query is "positive". Therefore, even though the person may be found doing training for unemployed people, they will be registered as a job seeker.

You will find all the information related to this news at the Letter of Services of Via Oberta of the Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC).