The catalog of standard Representa procedures is updated with the representative procedures of the Register

The Representa service expands its catalog of standard procedures by adding several procedures in the area of ​​the register of inhabitants, in order to enable administrative practice on behalf of third parties in this field.

According to Resolution of February 17, 2020, of the Presidency of the National Institute of Statistics and the General Directorate of Regional and Local Cooperation, by which technical instructions are issued to the councils on the management of the municipal Register, it is possible to delegate to representatives the action in the Register (art. 1.7 and art. 2 2.2.6 and others). For this reason, the AOC Consortium has updated the standard catalog with the registration procedures that can be carried out by representatives.

In this regard, the following families and procedures have been added:


0196.Census of inhabitants
0197.Modification of the population register


2663Family registration forms from the municipal register of inhabitants
2675Registration statements from the municipal register of inhabitants
2676Deregistration declarations from the municipal register of inhabitants
2677Declarations of change of personal characteristics
2678Declarations of change of address from the municipal register of inhabitants
3126Changes to the population register

The Representa service allows us to use a standard catalog or our own catalog. The standard catalog that the AOC Consortium makes available to all entities has been created from the catalog that you can find at Classification table model of town councils and county councils (QdCAC), identifying the procedures that can be represented, and maintenance is carried out by the AOC. You can findr the full version of the catalog in the FAQ How can I manage the procedure catalog?