Is the deadline for submitting bids and has any incidents been detected? We will not freak out!

When an incident is detected that affects the submission of Digital Envelope bids, please note that:

  • The incident is reported to and the affected services are informed so that the extension of the deadline for submission by the contracting bodies can be assessed, as well as the incorporation of the information in the press release into the report, if applicable.

In the event that the incident has already ended and has affected the submission of a bid by a bidder:

  • The Digital Envelope tool incorporates in theTrace report  presentation of each of the companies. The contracting authority itself can download the Opening Register from the envelope opening tool (where the error that prevented the submission of the tender in question will be reported to verify that it corresponds to the incident communicated technician).
  • If no envelope has yet been opened and the contracting authority determines that the company must be able to complete the submission, the tool allows it to do so, even if the deadline for submission of tenders has ended. ; About Digital will highlight that the offer has been submitted out of time, and it will be up to the contracting authority to decide whether this is accepted or not.

You will find all the information on electronic bidding at E-Bidding Support Portal