The transparency portal is updated with new automatic items and features

Over the next few days, the transparency portal that we offer from the AOC in collaboration with the Network of Transparent Governments of Catalonia will incorporate functional and corrective improvements.

Many of the changes are due to functional adjustments to advance the adequacy of the items to the obligations set out in DECREE 8/2021, of 9 February, on transparency and the right of access to public information (a task that is being done continuously by XGT), but you will also find new features, new items and automation that will surely be of interest to you.


Major improvements  

  1. Item “Invoice Registration” is automated (from e-fact source) 

After a period in piloting from now on the item of "registration of invoices" if the entity wishes it can be automatic from the e-FACT source. This is a long-awaited improvement as it will facilitate the automatic publication of all invoices with information on the different states (registered, paid, rejected), with monthly consolidation.  

To proceed to activate the item automation you will need to enter the item and activate the data display, which will be displayed in a table format.

  1. The "political organization" module will now also be available for county councils and provincial councils 

In this version, the module on political organization has also been extended to provincial councils and county councils. The new module will make it easier for them to create and manage the necessary specific structures and organizations and create the portfolio with the specific names (and differentiated from the municipalities), and therefore adapt to this type of entity. To do so, they must follow the criteria for setting the manual available on the support portal.  

  1. The "accessibility" section is improved

The section "Accessibility" so far only allowed to show a generic text and proposed by default. From now on, they will have the ability to edit them to be able to complement in more detail the requirements associated with Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 September, on accessibility of websites and applications for public sector mobile devices.  

New items and enhancements to existing items

  • New item available: representation management 

A new item "Representation Management" has been created in the family of procedures and services, which automatically includes the link to consult, create or manage your representations to take action before public administrations. Available for both citizens and companies. Those who have the "Represent" can access the editing environment and activate it. 

Item Type: Automatic with Redirect (A *)    

  • Change to the item "Payment Term to Suppliers" 

With this new version, the information and the visualization of the data of the item “Payment Term to Suppliers” has been adapted to the concept of Average Payment Period (PMP). Therefore, the data are published directly based on the information available in the MINHAP, in accordance with the methodology used in Royal Decree 1040 of 2017 of 22 December.  

Item Type: Automatic with Open Data (A)   

  • Change of name and extension of the fields to the item: "Cost of institutional campaigns"  

This item changes its name to "Institutional Campaign Information". More information has been added at the level of structured fields. The fields available in the item (structured manual) are as follows: 

  • Campaign name 
  • Month 
  • Any  
  • Concept 
  • Media 
  • Amount (VAT included)  
  • Scope 
  • Priority 
  • Actions 
  • Change of name and extension of the fields to the item: "Resolutions on the incompatibility regime of senior officials"  

This item changes its name to "Resolutions on the regime of incompatibilities of senior positions and management staff." More information has been added at the level of structured fields. The fields available in the item are as follows: 

  • First and last name 
  • Position held 
  • Department or entity where it carries out its tasks 
  • Date of appointment or contract 
  • Elective positions 
  • Compatible public and private activities 
  • Specific area of ​​professional action 
  • Name or company name of companies or entities 
  • Date of resolution or compatibility authorization 
  • Type of link to the compatible position or activity 
  • Contracting period 
  • Total number of hours of dedication 
  • Location of the entity or company where the secondary activity is carried out 
  • Change in the name of the item: "Resolutions relating to the declarations of activities, assets and interests of senior officials"  

This item changes its name to "Resolutions relating to the declarations of activities, assets and interests of senior officials and management staff". 

  • Change of name to the item: "Senior positions and eventual positions: profile, contact details, remuneration and activities and assets" 

This item changes its name to "Senior Officers, Managers and Contingents". 

  • Change of name to the subfamily "Government action and political parties" 

This subfamily changes its name to "Government action and political groups". 

  • Improvements to the item "Exercise of rights relating to the protection of personal data" 

You now have the option to edit and customize the default text, both the general summary and the details of each of the rights associated with data protection. 

  • Improvements to the manual item "Relevant administrative and judicial decisions"

It has been equipped with the possibility of ordering of this manual item. 

When will the deployment work be done? 

Deployment of this new version is expected to take place on May 4 from 14 to 17 p.m.. Occasional service outages may occur during the day. We apologize for any inconvenience this deployment may cause you.  

Remember that at the time of deployment, you can also find all these changes and enhancements in the space provided by "Transparency news" of the portal's own editing environment, as well as updated the item detail table available on the support portal, where the information associated with Decree 8/2021 will also be incorporated.