New electronic notification interface from the PSCP

From the next version of the Public Procurement Services Platform (which is scheduled to be activated in production next week), the integration with the new tool will be enabled for the functionality of sending electronic notifications from the PSCP. functions common to the e-Procurement services of the Department of Economy and Finance, which the AOC Consortium implements in the local world and universities.

From this version change, you will find new screens when starting an electronic notification from the PSCP management tool and you will have to indicate the notification data from the new tabs shown in the screens below:

News Release Management in PSCP Management Tool:

New common function tool for issuing electronic notification / communication from PSCP:

You will be able to keep track of notifications made through the new interface, from the hiring file to the PSCP management tool, from the list of notifications accessed from the new button below:

It will also be possible to continue monitoring the notifications made from the PSCP, prior to the integration of the new tool, through the section of Management of communiqués in the usual way:

At the time of launch of the new version of PSCP that includes this change, we will make available to you, both through this space and on the PSCP Support Portal, a detailed user manual of the new creation screens. and monitoring of notifications / communications in PSCP.